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Writer’s Notebook


In class we have introduced the writer’s notebook. Tell me what you are enjoying about the writers notebook. Are you enjoying it? What aspects of the writers notebook are you enjoying the most? Watch this space as i am going to put some photos of your work up over the next week.

Governor General


1. Summarise the BtN Governor-General story. 2. The Governor-General does not have the power to fire the Prime Minister. True or false? 3. Who is the current Governor-General? 4. What jobs has General Peter Cosgrove had in the past? 5. Describe what Governor-General John Kerr did in 1975. 6. Who is Australia’s head of state? […]

East vs West


Watch the above BTN report. When you have finished watching the report, write a post on the blog answering the following questions. What are the main points of the report? What is your opinion on the issue? What questions do you have about the issue?

Spelling Challenge


Are you a good speller? Do you find spelling a challenge? If you are a good speller, select words from the difficult and challenging lists. If you struggle, select words from the common and difficult lists. Select 10 words each week, as part of your regular homework, and use these words for buddy spelling. A […]

Picture Story Books


In week 9 and 10 of Term 1 we are going to be looking at some picture story books. There are so many wonderful books published. Here is a few that I have really enjoyed reading. I love the illustrations in some of these books. What is your favourite picture story book and why? Write […]

Grade 5/6 School Camp – Camp Rumbug


Who enjoyed Camp Rumbug? What was your Favourite activity? I think the teachers enjoyed the Fun and Fitness Trail!!!! Reading your recounts maybe some teachers had too much fun throwing mud on the students!!!! Write me a post to tell me what you liked or disliked over our three days!!!!  



  What connections have you made this year? What does making connection mean to you? What does it feel like when you make connections with others at school or in your local community? How would you like to make connections with others in our school community this year?  

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