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Archive for November, 2015

2015 Reflection


Write a 3-2-1 Reflection on your year in 2015 as a Year Five/Six student. Your 3-2-1 should include the following: 3 Interesting things 2 Words 1 Metaphor Please be as creative as you wish. Good luck and I look forward to reading all about your thoughts, feelings and opinions.



Oral Presentation Tips


Here are the following tips we brainstormed together in class today. I hope this check lists help you finish off your work over the weekend. Looking forward to seeing wonderful oral presentations about the character you have chosen. You are to take on the role of your person Walk in the shoes of the person […]

Mapping activity for Design Brief


Use a blank world map and plot the course of their journey – marking where they started, stops along the way and finally where they arrived in Australia. Include a picture of their mode of transport (eg. plane, train, ship, car). Have you plotted the course of your emigrants journey? Where did they begin their […]

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