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Archive for April, 2016

New Olympic Sports


You are to watch the 3 minute video and take notes on the main point in the video.

ACMI Excursion – Who had fun?


You need to review our excursion to ACMI. Describe at least three aspects that impressed you about the day. (Start a new line for each idea) You can comment on the technology, the green screen, costumes, the instructors, the particular jobs you were given, acting, special visual and sound effects, Screen Worlds Exhibition, pre-production, production […]

User Agreement


Hi 3/4LB! Please read the user agreement below and comment “i agree” with your first name only!  Please note that ‘3/4LB BLOG SPOT’ is very cyber-safe. All students will be identified by first name only. They will never be identified in photographs. We will not post about where we are/will be and when. The administrator […]

Persuasive Writing


For the next few weeks in 3/4LB we are going to be learning about persuasive texts. Have a look at the videos below to help you develop an understanding about persuasive text. I know you are all going to love writing this term!!!

Welcome Back to Term 2


Welcome back to term 2 3/4 LB! I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday with your families. Who went away? Did the Easter Bunny visit you all? I had a wonderful break with my family. I was away for most of the holidays with my parents and sister which was nice and relaxing. […]

What are they saying?


Use the image below to create dialogue between the ducks.               Be as creative and imaginative as you like.  Remember: Use the correct punctuation around talking marks. Write 4-8 lines of dialogue. Check you spelling, grammar and punctuation before submitting.

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