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Write a review about the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics. You should have been following the Games for the last two weeks.

Describe at least three aspects that impressed you. You can comment on the torch , the athletes and their achievements, the equipment, the city, various countries or any other features that interested you. The blog needs to contain at least eight interesting sentences.
After you have finished drafting, re-read, review and correct your grammar, spelling and punctuation. Next, get a grown up to read over what you’ve written. When everything is as it should be, post it on your class blog page.

When you comment on the blog an email will be sent to your teachers and they will have to approve your comments before they are published. This is for cyber safety. Remember, your post will not be approved by your teacher if it contains mistakes. Don’t forget to share your blog with your parents.



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  1. August 29th, 2016 at 7:48 AM      Reply livi L Says:

    1. the 2016 rio torch looked awesome with the colored stripes and how . it was very shiney
    2 that Australia actually came in the top ten and some on beat michael . phelps
    3 the spectacular opening ceremony with the awesome photos and . . . hearing what people said it was about ( i did not see it )

  2. August 29th, 2016 at 7:58 AM      Reply Mary Says:

    The first aspect that impressed me was in the Opening Ceremony as the buildings were moving up and down. Each time one of the actors would do a flip and land on the next building it would
    raise up. But the thing is that it was an illusion. It is actually all level ground which truly impressed me.

    My second aspect that impressed me was the 2016 Olympic torch because of the metallic look and the cool effects that it brings. I also like the 2016 Olympic torch because of the bright colours on the torch I think that makes it stand out.

    My third aspect that impressed me was the 2016 Olympic cauldron because of the rings and spheres surrounding and spinning around the cauldron and the bright lighting behind the cauldron. I also liked the cauldron because I liked watching the cauldron go up in the air.

    And those are my three aspects.

  3. August 30th, 2016 at 7:10 AM      Reply grace Says:

    My favourite part of the Olympics was either the swimming or the rhythmic gymnastics, there were lots of other sports that I liked too.
    I think all the Olympians and the Olympic committee did a great job.
    I loved watching Anna Meares compete in her sport. I watched the Olympics almost every day and saw lots of different events. Personally, I think Australia did great!!

  4. August 30th, 2016 at 9:30 AM      Reply Ethan Says:

    In the olympics there were many exciting moments.
    I enjoyed watching the Boomers, the Australian basketball team verse the USA basketball team. In the very last quater the Boomers lost to the USA team by 10 points, when they were in front for most of the match. It was amazing to see Usain Bolt run in his last 100 metre race and win another gold medal. Diro, who was an Ethiopian runner had to complete her race with one shoe on and one shoe missing. This shows that she never gave up.

  5. August 30th, 2016 at 9:40 AM      Reply Milly Says:

    In the opening ceremony I enjoyed the scene were it showed the rainforest get made and found but then get taken over by the explorers that found Brazil. I liked the idea of the elastic strings as the rainforests leaves and vines. There was a scene of when Rio became a metropolis city with all the tall buildings. The choreography in all of the dances were original and clean. It was very impressive.

    I was amazed that the Australian womens rugby 7’s won agents New Zealand in the Grand Finals. My favourite player is Charlotte Caslick. charlotte is a really good sprinter. Charlotte was originally a sprinter and got put on the rugby 7’s womens team and got taught how to tackle and lots of other skills used in rugby.

    The design of the cauldrons very cool and amazing. I loved how the circles reflected the flames when it got lit. When it raised into the dark sky in started to look more like the sun.
    By Milly

  6. August 30th, 2016 at 9:50 AM      Reply isaac#pokemon Says:

    French gymnast Samir Ait broke his leg in mens vault at Rio Olympic Park. The 26 year old badly landed on the vault and his left leg was folded beneath him. After being strapped to a stretcher he managed to raise his left arm to show gratitude to the crowd. Vault has been in the Olympics since 1920 Olympics.
    Women’s weightlifting made it’s first Olympic appearance in 2000.
    I love watching the rugby sevens and found out that a Great Britain student William Elis grabbed a footy in a footy match and ran to the goal post. Then Uni of Cambridge made it an official sport.

  7. August 30th, 2016 at 10:27 AM      Reply milly Says:

    In the opening ceremony I enjoyed the scene where it showed the rainforest grow and be discovered, then get taken over by the explorers that found Brazil. I liked the idea of the elastic strings as the rainforest leaves and vines. There was a scene of when Rio became a metropolis with all the tall buildings. The choreography in all of the dances were original and clean. It was very impressive.

    I was amazed that the Australian women’s rugby 7’s team won against New Zealand in the Grand Final. My favourite player is Charlotte Caslick. She was originally a very fast sprinter and was chosen to go on the rugby 7’s women’s team. She was taught how to tackle by her coach.

    The design of the Rio Olympic cauldron was very cool and amazing. I loved how the circles reflected the flames when it got lit. When it rose into the dark sky it started to look like the sun.

    By Milly

  8. August 30th, 2016 at 10:55 AM      Reply will Champion Says:

    The 2016 Olympics Games was held in Rio De Janeiro it was very exiting.There were many highlights to choose from but the main three highlights for me were Kyle Cambers, 4 by 100m mens medal relay final and Usain Bolt running achievements currently the worlds fastest male runner.

    The first athlete that caught my attention was Kyle Cambers.He won a gold and two bronze medals.He won gold in the Mens 100m. In the 100m event he was coming seventh at the half way mark, he burst away and got a time of 47.58 seconds his personal best and came first. Kyle put in a amazing effort this Olympic Games. He turned eighteen this year and is doing year twelve a major achievement.
    The second thing is the mens 4 by 100m medal relay final. The Australian team came 3rd, Great Britain 2nd and the USA came 1st.The race begun at 12:04 pm on August 14. Our team was Mitch Larkin, Jake Packand,David Morgan and Kyle Cambers who had already done the 100m swim.He was very good to have on the team because he was a gold medalist.

    The last and final thing was the great and mighty Usain Bolt.He is the worlds fastest human being. He competed in two sprints and one relay.He won gold in each event.He is the fastest man and no one will ever forget the mighty Usain Bolt.

    By Will Champion

  9. August 30th, 2016 at 9:46 PM      Reply matthew Says:

    The Olympics

    When I was watching the Olympics I was very excited. I was barracking for Australia. My favourite sport that I watched was the tennis. The tennis player I was barracking for was named Monica Puig. Her country was Puerto Rico. Monica won. She was the first female gold medallist in her country. I really liked the idea of being in the Olympics. Some day I hope to have the opportunity.

    There were a lot of countries in the Olympics. My friend was barracking for the U.S.A. even though he lives in Australia. Even though I did not get to watch the whole water polo, I thought it looked like a lot of fun.

    When I was watching the opening ceremony I got a bit bored because the countries took a very long time to come through. I liked the talk about global warming. All the athletes planted a seed, which I thought was a good idea for the environment.

    The Olympics were very inspiring. I feel sad that the Olympics are over.

  10. August 30th, 2016 at 10:01 PM      Reply Olivia Says:

    The Opening ceremony was amazing my favourite part is when there was people jumping from building to building. I really liked this years olympic torch because of the colours that were on the torch. The only thing I did not like about the opening and closing ceremonies was that all the songs weren’t English.

    Usain Bolt has won 3 gold medals and won one of them this year in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic games.he won his gold medal in the 4x100m relay. Usain Bolt was born in August 27, 1986 and is now 30.
    Usain Bolt says that the 2016 Olympic games will be his last Olympics that he will complete in.

    Shane Rose is my favourite olympian he does equestrian and is 43 years old and was born in April 24,1973. Shane did compete in the Rio de Janeiro olympics and won a bronze.

  11. August 31st, 2016 at 8:47 AM      Reply Tara Says:

    My favourite part of watching the Olympics was watching the people
    Diving into the pool . It was amazing. I Didn’t know how they did it .
    The water was green, it was yucky . There was a spa for the divers . I also liked the running because It’s exciting who’s going to win Usain Bolt’s won the race and he looked tired . I Loved the hockey. I watched Australia compete. It was interesting to watch because it was intense.

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